Our Story

For years, KNF has crafted the finest wood furniture. Seeing a demand in the market, KNF is turning their woodworking and furniture building skills to adjustable standing desks to help safeguard American health.

There are many adjustable office desk brands on the market. Most of them are of poor quality, made from reclaimed wood chips, mixed with unknown materials, and will break after 2 – 3 years. Many more are simply, well, unattractive. At KNF, we make form and function come together around every of our product.  

We have combined our artistry with the practical functions of a life-saving technology to provide you with something that you can be proud of and focus on your productivity.

The Importance of Adjustable Standing Desks

As we spend more and more time in front of our computers, we get less and less time to take care of ourselves. The human body was not made to sit still for many hours on end.

That is why a standing desk that adjusts to your height is the perfect solution to your office life. Allowing you to stand, stay healthier, move more, increase blood circulation, and prevent some of the worst illnesses that can be caused by sitting for too long.

Eye-catching look and enduring solid materials

Because KNF Solid Wood’s desks are made from 100% solid wood, no laminates, these desks are charming and elegant both in your company office and at home. Each one is crafted by master woodworkers to look great and last for decades.

Working from home has changed the whole world. Millions of us who were used to spending our hours at work, with the advantages of walking around, are now at home, often not getting up from our desks for hours at a time.

By putting a KNF Solid Wood adjustable height desk in your office, you can keep yourself healthy, stronger, and even increase productivity.

Building a Healthy Office

To build a healthier office, keep yourself and your officemates moving and on your feet.

  • Consider high quality standing desks. Adjustable standing desks help prevent back pain, leg problems, and even guard against heart disease. They keep people on their feet, moving and keep blood flowing.
  • Choose shock absorbing mats and flooring. Softer, bounce back floors help to prevent neck, back, and leg pain. Standing on concrete all day leads to several problems for your feet, knees, and hip.
  • Plan breaks. Encourage everyone to step away from their desks for 5 minutes of every hour. Let them walk around, look or step outside, and rest their eyes while moving their bodies.

KNF's solution is the key component to make office safe and healthy places to work.

The KNF Commitment

At KNF Solid Wood, we are committed to delivering the highest quality office furniture at great prices. Based in Austin, Texas, we have years of experience designing and crafting wooden furniture. With change to working from home during the unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic, there has been a greater need for high quality home office furniture. When we return to our offices, we will also want a healthier place where we can keep moving and get fit.

KNF Solid Wood always provides great prices on our mission: high quality handcrafted solid wood furniture delivered with world-class customer service.

What customers say about us

“I can't express how much the KNF adjustable standing desk has changed my life. No more back pain, no more stiff neck, just a happy body. Thank you KNF!”
Michael Tigner - Buyer